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Why not book our Sassy Doughnut trailer for a special occasion?



Everyone deserves something special on their birthday. How about ordering some fresh doughnuts for a special surprise? Or you could go one better and book our Sassy Doughnut trailer to be at your party venue. Whether the party is for kids or adults, we can tailor the experience to suit. To enquire about a booking call us on 07855 276920 or click the enquiry button below:



A wedding for most is a once in a lifetime experience. How about making the memory last by having the Sassy Doughnut trailer at your venue on your special day. This unique experience will add a qwerky twist to your special day.


Festivals / Fates

If your planning a festival or fate we can support you with our Sassy Doughnut trailer. We can pitch up and be up and running in a short space of time with sweet tasting and smelling doughnuts.

We bring our artisan doughnuts to farmers markets and fetes too.

Introducing the Sassy Doughnut Trailer…

Our doughnut trailer is available to hire for special occasions, wedding, parties and events, including corporate events. Treat your family, friends and work colleagues to a Sassys doughnut. We also attend markets, fetes festivals etc where the customers pay for their doughnuts. Our trailer is self-sufficient and requires no power so we can be set up in a short space of time, producing fresh doughnuts.

If you would like to talk to us about hiring, rates or more you can call us on 07855 276920 or email us using the email link below:

Sassys Sugar Doughnuts Van
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